Auteur : Philip Carr-Gomm

Philip Carr-Gomm

Philip Carr-Gomm always wanted to be a writer and wrote short stories when he was 11 and 12. But then he found the Buddha, the Druids, and Psychoanalysis, and this was all so interesting he forgot about writing until a publisher he met at a dinner party in London, when he was in his late thirties, invited him to write a book. The result, 'The Elements of the Druid Tradition', soon became one of the best sellers in the 'Elements Of' series, and he was asked to write a follow-up: 'The Druid Way'. Twenty years' later he's still writing, having broadened his scope from the topic of Druidry, with its contemporary environmental relevance, to include the history of magic in England in 'The Book of English Magic', the subject of sacred sites in the lavishly illustrated 'Sacred Places', and the subject of nudity in religion, politics and popular culture in 'A Brief History of Nakedness.

Le tarot des Druides

Le tarot des Druides

Philip Carr-Gomm
Véga Éditions

Prix: 16,95 €
A une époque où nous recherchons un lien plus étroit avec la nature, ce magnifique jeu de tarot nous invite à célébrer la terre et le rythme des saisons. Philip ...



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